Davos, Day Three

Clinton: Bill Clinton at World Economic Forum

Before President Clinton spoke at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, today, the audience in the big meeting hall was asked to leave while a security sweep was done of the room. Many of the corporate and government poo-bahs gathered here flat-out refused. They ended up getting their way.

Here are some details, in a special Sunday column in the San Jose Mercury News.

DoubleClick’s Opt-Out Not Working?

In this column earlier this week, I told you how how to opt out of DoubleClick’s Web surveillance system. It may be just a coincidence, but readers have reported (and my experience seems to verify) that you can no longer opt out, at least for the time being. Instead they got a login dialog box for clients.

I have trouble believing the company could be so stupid as to do this deliberately to thwart opt-outers, but the timing sure is interesting.


It now appears that the DoubleClick opt-out system is working again. I just gave it a try, using the longer method described in this column, where you go through DoubleClick’s fairly tedious process.

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