Podcast: A Conversation with “Blogfather” Dave Winer

Several weeks ago I had a phone conversation with Dave Winer, whose work led to the existence of my original eJournal blog at the San Jose Mercury News. We reminisced about those days of experimentation, and looked ahead at some big issues. One of the latter is preservation. How can we save what we’re creating online? It’s a nontrivial question.

Click here for the conversation (MP3, about 5 MB).

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4 Responses to Podcast: A Conversation with “Blogfather” Dave Winer

  1. Mason Lee says:

    Nice conversation. Let me know when you get the unconference together 🙂
    Some of my thoughts on the preservation of posts: http://masonlee.org/2009/08/21/is-the-web-sticky-enough/

  2. Hi Dan,

    is there a plain mp3 file available?


    🙂 nmw

  3. Dan Gillmor says:

    I’ll post one —

  4. Nice to know every niche/industry has it’s own “Blogfather”!

    Keeping what we write today is especially important as some amazing stuff is almost certainly going unnoticed today that might be discovered in the future.

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