Senate to FCC: Slow Down on Media Consolidation

  • Mercury News: Senate rejects new media ownership rules. The U.S. Senate sent a stinging rebuke to the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday, voting to overturn the agency’s new rules that would allow media giants to buy more newspapers, TV and radio stations.

  • This is only one step, but a vital one, in restoring some sense of balance in a debate that has been decided by a small group of insiders in the media and political businesses. The public does not want a few ventriloquists saying most of what we hear, and at long last the people in political power are listening.

    They’re listening in the halls of Congress because they, too, are beginning to understand the danger of too much concentration. The Disney people aren’t ideological; all they want is money and growth.

    The irony in the current situation is that the rule changes recently enacted by the FCC aren’t all that big a shift. But they were a straw on a camel’s back, possibly the one that broke it.


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    Unfortunately, “President Bush… has threatened to reject any measure that rolls back the FCC’s decision….”

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