OmniWeb’s Continuing Browser Challenge

Stopped yesterday at the Omni Group HQ in Seattle to chat with co-founder Wil Shipley about new and old technologies. He and his colleagues came out of the NeXT world when they formed Omni, and they’ve been among the most active and interesting in the OS X world.

I downloaded the “SneakyPeek” version of OmniWeb 4.5, which uses the core rendering engine in Apple’s Safari browser, which Apple has released for all to use. It’s innovative, but Shipley says just wait for version 5.0.

The latest beta of Safari seems fairly strong, by the way. It has tabbed browsing, a necessity in today’s world, but doesn’t handle popups with anything like the flexibility you find in Mozilla (or OmniWeb, which can be configured to open JavaScript windows only if you deliberately click on something in the original screen).

Nice to see progress in this area. Now if only someone would do a browser that used weblog tools to create serious WYSIWYG blog editing, I’d be thrilled.


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