PC Forum, Day Two

Back at PC Forum, where we got to dinner early last night because Larry Ellison was a no-show. I ran a straw poll, asking people if his reported excuse — “The plane wouldn’t start” — seemed credible. Not credible was the nearly universal response.

Seems to me that Ellison may have combined two cliches I didn’t imagine possible to combine: “The dog ate my homework” and “Let them eat cake” — any others you can think of?

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My own running notes (which will be somewhat sporadic due to the high quality of other people’s postings) below.

Running notes on Day Two of PC Forum.

I think I’m going to blog less and listen more today.

First panel talks about data mining, all offering the usual sop to privacy. Now Cory is nailing them, pointing out the inevitable misuse of this stuff.

A panel on identity management produced not much I hadn’t heard before.The adding of RFID (radio) tags to all kinds of products is unnerving, if not downright creepy. Benefits are giving companies an easy way to track what they buy and sell. Downsides are the obvious invasions of privacy.


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