Moving Network Locations to New Mac?

Question for OS X mavens: How do I move my network locations from one Mac to another. Both are running OS X 10.2.x, though one is at .4 and the other is at .3 at the moment. I’m looking in the var folder and don’t feel comfortable enough to just do it. Please if there’s a way to handle this smoothly without having to re-enter everything, and I’ll post the answer here. Thanks.


OK, I got some help from several kind folks on this. Here’s how one person advised me:

1. Ensure you have admin rights on both the Old machine and the New machine.
2. Boot the Old machine normally, and then the New machine in Firewire Target Disk mode by holding down the “T” key while you boot.
3. Ensure both show up as volumes in the Finder.
4. On the Old machine, open, ensure you are in your Home directory by typing “pwd” without the quotes (Print Working Directory).
5. Type these commands:

cd /var/db/SystemConfiguration (This changes you to the directory where this preference file is kept)

sudo cp preferences.xml /Volumes/ibm/var/db/SystemConfiguration (in this case, ibm is the name of my New machine, you would substitute your disk name)

6. You’ll be prompted for your admin password for the “sudo” command — implying SuperUser Do, which is copying the preferences.xml file from your Old machine to the New machine in the identical location on each disk.
7. Unmount your New machine by dragging the disk icon to the trash.
8. Boot the New machine normally, your network and dial-up settings should be good.

I wish this were easier, but you can’t copy this file via the Finder GUI, the native GUI doesn’t permit sudo actions, thus the need for the Terminal.

Actually, I did this a slightly different way, but the key was replacing the “preferences.xml” file on the new machine with the same file from the old one. So far, so good —


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