MS Entourage Will Connect to MS Exchange

  • Cnet: Office for Macs to get Exchange update. The update will give Mac customers access to corporate calendar and contact information stored on a server running the software giant’s Exchange software.
  • This is long overdue, but for many people it will be good news.

    I’ve been puzzled that Microsoft was willing to see Mac users migrate away from Exchange. Entourage remains the best OS X mail/calendar/address-book client I’ve found, and by quite a margin. Had it supported Exchange fully, rather than only by IMAP e-mail and nothing else, I wouldn’t have been so inclined to try other solutions.

    Now I’m not sure I even want to reconnect to Exchange. Having gotten out of that lock-in, I’m pretty happy.

    Incidentally, one of the greatest virtues in unplugging from the Exchange calendar is that when someone wants you to go to a meeting, they have to actually call you first. That leads to fewer meetings…


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