Idiotic Fast-Food Case Tossed

Reuters: Obesity Suit Against McDonald’s Dismissed. U.S. District Judge Robert Sweet said the plaintiffs — including a 400-pound teenager who said he eats at McDonald’s every day — failed to show that customers of the world’s largest fast-food chain were unaware that eating too much McDonald’s fare could be unhealthy.

This won’t stop the lawyers, but maybe it’ll slow them down. This lawsuit is absurd.

Anyone who doesn’t know that too much fast food is going to make you fat and unhealthy is just not paying attention. I’m no fan of McDonald’s tactics — they make it easier to buy too much fatty garbage instead of something healthier — but the legal system is not the place to stop this.

The legal profession is going to sue itself out of business one of these days. That would be a real shame, because we need liability suits for the issues that really matter.


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