Titanium Follies

I’m in the middle of reinstalling my OS and apps on my new Titanium G4 PowerBook for the second time this weekend. It’s clear now that I can’t install anything and be sure it’s not going to cause a corruption disaster when I’m hooked up to the box that runs an external monitor and other peripherals for that computer and my IBM ThinkPad, allowing me to use a single desktop keyboard and LCD display for both.

The first collapse came when I tried loading Virtual PC 5. The system went dead and wouldn’t boot. Total reinstall required.

This time, several OS X applications got corrupted, and apps in Classic mode weren’t operating properly, either. Gee, this is fun.

From now on, I’m installing new apps with only one connection — the Ethernet cable. Sigh…

By the way, in response to my complaints about the OS X user interface, I got one bit of excellent advice. FruitMenu from Unsanity gives back control over the Apple menu. I’m sending my $7 today…


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