Macworld, Mac OS and More

Like most reporters who follows the ever-amazing adventures of Apple Computer, I’m heading to San Francisco early tomorrow for Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at the annual Macworld expo and conference at Moscone Center. if it lives up to the pre-event hype and speculation (it rarely does) this should be fun.

The speculation, as always, centers around what amazing new thing Jobs will announce and/or demonstrate. I’m beginning to think the rumors of the iWalk (Wired article about original SpyMac “sighting”) just may be true.

Who knows? Apple people, and they aren’t talking.

They weren’t even talking to me for a pre-show column about OS X. I asked to interview some of the software folks and was turned down on the grounds that they were “to busy” — an excuse that absolutely enraged someone with high-up connections at Apple who wrote me a letter this morning to offer assistance in the future.

Actually, I now consider it bizarrely hilarious that Apple refuses so consistently to talk with me. Consider that Microsoft, a company that you’d expect would give me the cold shoulder, is always willing to talk about issues. Sometimes it’s pulling teeth with MIcrosoft, sometimes they stonewall and sometimes they mislead or lie, but they generally find someone to talk.

Anyway, here’s what I wrote about OS X.

Note: Continuing the Apple community’s ability to make stupid public-relations decisions, Dave notes that the Macworld conference won’t give press credentials to webloggers. I can understand this on some kind of general level, but there are at least a few bloggers who should have access. Dumb, dumb, dumb.


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