What Will Apple Announce Next?

The speculation is rampant that Apple is getting ready to announce a killer PDA at the Macworld show next week. I’m skeptical, but it would be great to see something new that moves the bar up in a category that has gotten somewhat stagnant in the past year or so.

I can’t get to the page, but the SpyMac site has pictures of something that looks like an iPod music handheld but which apparently operates like a PDA. These kinds of pictures, sometimes real and sometimes not, show up on various Mac sites all the time.

My own Macworld prediction — or at least a prediction for sometime this year — is a version of Mac OS X Server that runs on Intel-compatible computers. That would be a great idea and a smart product. When I put this guess in my annual predictions quiz, someone told me that it would never happen because Microsoft wouldn’t allow it.

Anyway, it’s fun to speculate.


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