Freedom from Microsoft: Mac OS X

It didn’t take me long in Mac OS 9.1 to run into stability problems on my new Mac iBook, needless to say. So I’ve been running Mac OS Xthrough the paces.

After using it for several days, I can verify the typical complaints — it’s painfully slow at times, particularly in booting, and launching and switching among applications. Driver support isn’t terrific. But it’s rock-solid, as you’d expect for an OS based on Unix (BSD in this case).

If the upcoming version 10.1 speeds things up sufficiently, as online reports suggest (Accelerate Your Mac), I’ll move over full-time. At the moment it’s just a little too slow.

But this is a truly amazing effort on Apple’s part. Now let’s hope for the follow-through on the part of the development community — and on the part of Apple’s developer-relations team, which hasn’t been the company’s best feature over the years.

I have to wonder if it will matter in a world so thoroughly dominated by Microsoft. But I’m going to keep on trying for some measure of independence.


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