Weekend Reading

  • William Powers (National Journal): Nothing to Tout About. The news media didn’t create the bull market. We never forced an investor to buy a single share of stock. What we did was give a platform to a bunch of touts. (Thanks to Deborah Branscum for spotting this one.)
  • Ed Foster (Infoworld): Twist in Intuit’s crippleware techniques doubles the cost of its tax-table service. “They figure they have us over a barrel, and they mean to take advantage of it. I can’t believe it’s legal for them to do this. How can they charge you an annual fee just so a product will work as advertised?”
  • New York Times (registration required): S.E.C. Seeks Data on Trading of Initial Offerings. The Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington wants to know if big investment banks extracted promises from buyers of new stocks to purchase more shares after the stocks started trading.
  • New York Times: Who Built the H-Bomb? Debate Revives. “It’s fascinating,” said Dr. Ray E. Kidder, an H-bomb pioneer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, which Dr. Teller helped found and once directed. “There’s always been this controversy over who had the idea of the H-bomb and who did what. This spells it out. It’s extremely credible, and I dare say accurate.”


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