Apple and the Megahertz Wars

David Coursey (ZDNet): Do Apple’s megahertz matter?. Of all the reasons to buy or not to buy a Mac, the difference between a 500 MHz G4 and a 750 MHz Pentium should be well down the list.

Apple’s problems are well-known enough now, but Coursey is right on this issue. Consumers who buy because of clock speed are utterly missing the point.

Of course, we in the media have played up clock speed for so long that consumers are forgiven for being somewhat confused. But when someone is buying a new computer, it’s mostly the other things that should count — and we need to make that clearer.

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    Consumer Electronics Show

    I’m heading to the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas tomorrow. It’s interesting that the two main keynote speakers will be Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, and Craig Barrett, CEO at Intel.

    This should tell Apple’s management something. It probably won’t.

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