A Legal Con

It’s been quite a year, and over the next several weeks I’ll be discussing the technology-related events of 2000.

First up is a look at the debacle in tech stocks since last spring: “The technology boom has been called the largest legal creation of wealth in the history of the planet. Maybe so, but that’s not the whole story. As the events of 2000 have shown, it’s also been the greatest legal con game of all time.”

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Gordon Bell sends along a link that fits in well with my theme. It’s called the Internet Wasteland.

Caveat Emptor, Part 14,405

Ed Foster (Infoworld): From the majors to the minors, manufacturers shirk their warranties. I’ve never been sure what hardware manufacturers mean by the phrase “limited warranty,” but one thing that seems unlimited is the range of excuses they use for denying customers warranty service.


What is SuperOpenDirectory? The coolest thing about it is that if you change your directory, our “inclusion” will change to reflect it, within an hour of your changes. So, while this is just a start, it’s designed to grow, like a weed!

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