Outage of Pocket

Sorry for the absence yesterday. We had a severe problem with our Internet connection, and by the time it came back up I had to head out to give several talks.

Gore, and What’s Right

After the third presidential debate — or joint appearance, as Dan Rather puts it more accurately — Al Gore was interviewed by CNN. The reporter noted that Gore had repeatedly broken the rules, which both sides had agreed to follow, by directly addressing Bush and the audience.

“I don’t care,” Gore said, adding that he wanted to make his points and, in effect, would pretty much do as he pleased.

From my viewpoint, the rules were stupid. Gore and Bush should have allowed direct questioning of each other and the ability to follow up an audience member’s question for clarity (or whatever).

But Gore’s flippant view of rules was more than disturbing. It was a bit scary.

This is a man who believes the rules are only for other people. Is this what we want in a president?

Proposition 39

California voters are facing a pivotal vote on whether we care enough about our kids’ education to pay for it. This is Proposition 39, which has won the endorsement of an array of technology leaders.

More in this column.

Talking about Money

Dave Winer: Transcendental Money. Transcendental money is the amount of money required to transcend time. It makes just enough money to satisfy all your reasonable needs, wants and desires, but no more.

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