The NSI Dominance Continues

Network Solutions Inc. continues to exercise — many say abuse — its power as the dominant domain-name registry. Now it’s commandeering elapsed domain names (Wired News) and planning to put them up for auction.

No other company in the domain registry business comes close to the power and arrogance of NSI. Now under the wing of Verisign, NSI, which can’t seem to prevent rampant domain highjackings due to its inefficient security measures, seems more interested in leveraging its original monopoly into something much bigger. This should frighten not just competing registrars but all of us. When will it stop?

Upgrading Windows — BIOS Updates Disabled

The Register reports that Windows 2000 and Windows ME have created a difficult situation for people who need to upgrade their PC’s BIOS — They can’t. It’s a Catch 22 created by people who don’t consider the impact of their actions.

Earth to Microsoft. Fix this.

Quick Impressions Count

Fortune: How to Lose a Customer in a Matter of Seconds. “Of course, users are less patient than they were five years ago. And now that they’re habituated to brief load times, a bad day for the Net can mean a really bad day for your online business.”

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