IBM’s Microdrive Hits a Gigabyte

IBM says its new Microdrive, a hard disk roughly the size of a quarter, now holds a gigabyte of data. In my Tuesday column I look at some of the implications.

Making Sense of Media Players

I’m at the Digital Living Room conference in southern California, and one of the most interesting — and potentially useful — showcases was for Esynch, a clever piece of software that plays back various kinds of streaming media on a Windows PC. Caution for downloaders: This is beta software.

The user interface is nothing special, but the agnostic nature of the software is attractive. That is, it handles files created in various formats including Microsoft’s Windows Media Player, Real Networks’ RealAudio and RealVideo, and Apple’s QuickTime.

An intriguing part of the product is its scheduling ability. You find something you want to see and it reminds you before the event. Clever. I’ll be taking a closer look at this, so stay tuned, as it were.

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