Microsoft and Reality

Give Microsoft credit for one thing — persistence. Its final brief in the landmark antitrust trial was more of the same bluster and refusal to acknowledge any reality but its own we-are-the-universe point of view.

Most amazing, however, was a “Supplemental Order of Proof” that accompanied the brief. This contained statements putting words in the mouths of Microsoft corporate customers and academic allies — e.g. “Microsoft anticipates that Mr. Capellas would testify to the following general propositions at an evidentiary hearing.” (Capellas is Michael Capellas, CEO of Compaq, which pretty much lives at the whim of Microsoft, so he’s definitely a trustworthy source in this regard.)

The statements were hilarious in several cases because they effectively said the market needs — I am not making this up — less competition. Apparently monopoly is less confusing to consumers when it’s easier for the company controlling the market to add features and integrate them into the product.

Actually, Microsoft did the government a favor in this absurd filing. It backed the government’s fundamental points, brilliantly.

Tracking Web Domains

Marks Online calls itself an “intellectual property portal” — a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s a great site for keeping an eye on trademark and Internet domain registrations.

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