Reverse Engineering Wins One in Court

Good news: Connectix has won a significant victory against Sony in a case involving Connectix’ reverse engineering of the PlayStation, allowing Macintosh users to run PlayStation games on Macs.

Connectix press release

Mind-Bogglingly Stupid PR Tricks

I just got a public-relations e-mail that said, “Please see the attached Press Release for P&AB’s CPO 2000 Program.”

I have no idea what P&AB is. I have no idea what CPO 2000 is. And I’ve made it clear in my Dear PR Folks letter on my home page that I do not open attachments, due to security and bandwidth issues.

Guess I’ll never find out what P&AB or CPO stand for.

Denial of Service is Not Denial of LifeThe hyperventilating you’re hearing about this week’s Web attacks is a bit overdone. Yes, it’s serious stuff. No, it’s not the end of the world, I say in today’s column.

Dave Winer in DaveNet
Scott Rosenberg in Salon: The Net Scare
Wired News: Defense Is the Best Offense

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