An Unaddressed Y2K Problem?

Brett Glass, a programmer and writer who isn’t given to techno-paranoia, just sent me a detailed note about potential problem for people who are synchronizing various kinds of electronic equipment to the government’s atomic clocks.

“I’m concerned that people could get caught short by this,” he told me.

eToys: Celebrating Too Soon?

Wired News reports that eToys, the online toy store, didn’t completely back off from its war against the site, after all.

The First Major PR Gimmick of 2000

From a press release I just received:

NEW YORK (December 29, 1999) – (, the first online relationship network for men and women, will launch on New Year”s Eve in Times Square, becoming the first newborn .com of the millennium.

To advertise the launch to live spectators and a worldwide television audience, will premier a campaign in two highly visible sites, the Condé Nast Building and the ABC JumboTron™™, throughout the 25-hour Times Square 2000 Celebration. is dedicated to being the lead provider of editorial content, news, features and commerce opportunities for men and women looking to begin or enhance their personal relationships.

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