A Daring Plan

Sunday, Nov. 21 —

Richard Li wants to put together the biggest broadband Internet access play in the world. I don’t know if he’ll succeed. But I’m impressed with his risk-taking and his boldness, not to mention his brains.

More in my Sunday column.

The Forbidden City

Monday, Nov. 22 —

Forbidden City Courtyard

 Forbidden City -- Sentry

 Forbidden City -- design

Photo of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

Emperors from the Ming and Qing dynasties made it their home and seat of government. Commoners were forbidden to enter, hence the name. On a day so misty that buildings would fade into white-gray shrouds at any significant distance, the Palace Museum, as the regime here prefers to call it, had an almost ghostly feel.

I walked north from Tiananmen Square, site of the government’s bloody crackdown against the pro-democracy movement a decade ago, and into the grounds through the South Gate. I made my way slowly to the North Gate, listening to a rented audio tape tour. (Incongruously, the actor Roger Moore is the tour guide.)

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