Microsoft Hack: What’s the Truth?

Microsoft has given out several different versions of the hacking attack it suffered recently. The truth is getting — as so often happens with Microsoft — impossible to discern.

The Register has one of the better stories on this situation. But the questions are still out there, and Microsoft has not begun to answer them in a way that will satisfy anyone who wants to believe, however forlornly, that the world’s largest, richest and most powerful software company has even half a clue about security.

Microsoft has never seemed to give much of a hoot about security. Features and maintaining the monopoly have always mattered more than the safety of customers’ data. Chickens come home to roost, even in Redmond.

Copyright Holders Victorious

Wall Street Journal: Federal office backs companies’ right to limit ‘Net content access. The decision is the latest signal that the legal landscape for digital copyright issues is sorting out largely in favor of copyright owners.

The Copyright Office of the Library of Congress agreed to only two minor exceptions in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The law was written to favor copyright owners, and it has all but abolished the rights of the rest of us.

Surprised? Not me, but then again the copyright wars have made me somewhat cynical.

Our Next President

  • Michael Kinsley: The Emperor’s New Brain. The problem is probably laziness or complacence rather than actual inability, and journalists’ reluctance to call someone who may well be our next commander in chief a moron is understandable. But if George W. Bush isn’t a moron, he is a man of impressive intellectual dishonesty and/or confusion.
  • David Shribman: Missing the points. From beginning to end, the steady diet of traditional fare has given the campaign a warmed-over feeling, as if it were being conducted in a parallel universe. This was a 20th-century presidential campaign conducted in the 21st century

    I grow ever-more disillusioned with my own profession after campaigns like this one. Journalism has almost totally failed this year, and we will be worse off for it.

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