New York Visit, Talks at End of September

I’ll be in New York City on September 27 to give a talk about the book. It’s being sponsored by the Markle Foundation, and will include a reception and book signing. If you are interested, please send a note to the foundation’s Stefaan Verhulst at SVerhulst (at) markle (dot) org to be added to the invitation list. Or shoot me an and I’ll pass it along.

On Sept. 28 I’ll also be speaking at Yeshiva University’s Cardozo School of Law, at the Bellhead/Nethead: The FCC Takes on the Internet conference.


Posted by: on August 31, 2004 03:07 AM

Damnit! I’m tired of others appropriating my identity. I have such a common name it’s frustrating to try and find something that is my own. Now! I know that even my obfuscated rendition has been pilfered. It’s an outrage!

An outrage I’ve learned to be comfortable with (somewhat) however.

Sigh. Do you realize what a pain it is to explain to someone your e-mail address when you can’t get an ordinary one?

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