National Cruelty to Bloggers Week

The Register’s Andrew Orlowski, tongue firmly in cheek, reports: Blogging ‘cruelty’ allegations rock post-DNC calm. He also makes some excellent cautionary points about the blogosphere’s self-absorption, and zany notion that blogs will somehow supplant Big Media.

Andrew is among several folks who’ve pointed to by far the funniest comment posted under the Slashdot review of my book. It goes:

Blogs are going to change the world. Example:

OLD, TIRED MEDIA: “The Associated Press reported that Saddam Hussein was captured yesterday by American forces.”

NEW, EXCITING MEDIA: “omg like kos reported that he saw on chris’s blog that john trackbacked to mike’s journal where he read about bob’s girlfriend’s brother’s cousin who was like watching Fox News (fair and balanced my ass! lol) and they said something about saddam i dunno current music: brittney cleary – im me current mood: corpulent”

Notice the synergy of information and the ease by which information propagates throughout the blogosphere.

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Posted by: JM on August 6, 2004 06:00 AM

I found that /. comment pretty darn amusing, myself. I was going to say something witty about it, but I figured as soon as I tried, someone would go through my blog and find instances in which I’ve said or done things in that silly/spacewasting vein…on a bad day, of course, when I hadn’t had coffee yet, and wasn’t thinking like a grown-up. 🙂

Posted by: Stephen O’Grady on August 6, 2004 07:07 AM

Orlowski does skewer the often self-important culture quite nicely – and in fine Reg fashion – as does that comedic gem posted on Slashdot (which I’d have modded up if I had any more points), but it shouldn’t obscure the reality that blogs do have value. Their very simplicity is their greatest virtue. Once people get over the novelty and become more accustomed to the experience of speaking to a larger audience than an email list, I think we’ll see that.

Posted by: on August 6, 2004 12:44 PM

I hate to break it to youse but blogs just got born into an open grave for mine.

Why slave, carve and whittle a rod for your own back?

Jesus F KKKrist.

The trend for the last two years has been to glom onto a popular blog with comments and ‘blog’ like that when you feel like it. Sure beats working.

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