Making the News; Answering the E-Mail

I’ve been innundated with mail since posting the book outline for my “Making the News” project, in which I’m examining the way people are using technology to change journalism. I’m making my way through all of the correspondence, and will answer everyone as soon as I can. Please be patient if you haven’t heard back from me yet.

Thanks, meanwhile, to all who linked to the outline. Some of the linkers challenged basic assumptions, and many of the Slashdot folks who commented were not inspired, to put it mildly. Thanks also to Cnet’s Margaret Kane for this story, and Mark Glaser for his column in Online Journalism Review. Their questions helped me understand this process better.

To all: Please keep making suggestions. More than one person has asked that we make this process more interactive, by creating some kind of online forum where everyone can talk with everyone else instead of just sending stuff to me.

That’s a good idea, and we’re working on it. Stay tuned.


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